Inclusive and disability play is crucial in the fulfilment and enrichment of a child’s life. This type of play allows children with different needs and requirements to play together on the same playground, regardless of any differences. Enabling children to have an equal and inclusive environment is vitally important for their development and growth. 

Diversity In Children 

Blueberry Products design and manufacture the equipment that opens opportunities for all children to be able to play in the same environment. Some children may use wheelchairs or walking aids which means that they require specific needs in their outdoor play equipment. We believe that every child is unique from the way that they play to what their needs and requirements are. 

How Is Disability And Inclusive Play Designed?

In the physical sense, children may require wheelchair access to their outdoor play equipment in addition to open space for children to play. We ensure that our equipment is suitable for children with all different kinds of physical challenges.  It is important that outdoor space is creatively designed to ensure that they are engaged with playing and enjoying themselves. Children need access to play equipment through schools and parks. The surface of the park or playground in which the play equipment is situated needs to have good absorbency but be firm enough for children to play on.

It is important to make sure that wheelchair users have options to be fully engaged in their playtime. This would involve ensuring that open areas made to run around in, have options for trikes and wheelchairs. In addition to this, we can’t forget about the parents and guardians supporting their children as well. Having suitable seating and shelter is ideal for parks and playgrounds as well as having good access from seating into the play area to ensure they can support their children easily.

Providing A High Quality Of Play

Blueberry products believe that all children deserve the highest quality of play. To ensure this is the case, it is important to offer choices and options for every child. Through playing on outdoor equipment like ours, children learn and develop skills. These include strength, balance, and coordination among other important life skills. By creating an environment that every child can play in, we can help children to develop their communication and team-building skills by allowing them to play together on the same playground regardless of their specific needs. 

Children are able to develop friendships through the ability to play in high-quality and inclusive environments. All children should have equal access to play so that they can equally develop their skills and build friendships throughout their childhood. The Disability Discrimination Act 2005 ensures that it is the law to ensure that equality is promoted through following specific basic legal requirements for disabled people and children. 

Blueberry products offer inclusive and disability play equipment that ensures that all children are able to play together equally, our products include swings with wheelchair access and our bespoke, specially designed roundabouts.