Playground safety fencing is a must-have for all schools and parks. This is because it provides a safe and secure environment for children to play in. Blueberry Products manufactures and designs playground safety fencing to keep children safe, allowing them to enjoy their playtime whilst alleviating any security worries that you may have. Our secure fencing can be designed and manufactured to meet any requirements and needs and are suitable for any school playground, park and commercial setting.

How Does Playground Safety Fencing Keep Children Safe?

A secure fencing solution is the way forward in regards to safeguarding and the general security of schools, parks and other commercial play settings. Although fencing is not always mandatory, risk assessments should always be carried out to determine whether security fencing is needed or not. With a secure fence and gate surrounding your children’s outdoor play areas, you can keep unwanted intruders and animals out, whilst allowing them to enjoy high-quality play in an open but secure space. A secure fence can contain your children in a safe way whilst giving them a sense that the area is theirs and separate from the surroundings. This provides children with a feeling of safety and security, allowing them to play as they wish without any external fears.

Why Do We Install Secure Fencing?

Installing playground safety fencing protects children from hazards that exist in the surrounding environment such as busy roads, car parks and waterways. Additionally, fences help to define a space and restrict access to a secure facility. Having a secure environment for children to play in helps them to learn and develop their physical skills and can provide an open space for play equipment to be installed. Children are able to play together and develop communication skills and interactive play when they are in a safe environment. In addition to this, children can play interactively on equipment without the worry of external risks and hazards surrounding their play environment.

The Benefits Of Playground Safety Fencing.

Providing security fencing for schools and playgrounds provides a multitude of benefits including providing clear boundaries which allow children to play safely. Furthermore, security fencing can improve the overall aesthetic of the park or playground. Improving the aesthetic of a playground can provide a sense of structure to the outdoor space, allowing children to interact with one another and develop social skills. Our playground safety fencing is low maintenance and provides a controlled area where parents and guardians can monitor their children with ease. In addition to this, it provides a physical and psychological deterrent to any outsiders. 

Why Choose Blueberry?

Our RoSPA fencing offers anti-trap bow tops to prevent children from getting trapped on the fencing and provides protection to all play areas. We offer both standard and bespoke designs of all our playground safety fencing to match and improve your playground aesthetic. Our fencing specifically complies with RoSPA safety regulations and follows BS EN1176 standards. With Blueberry Products specially designed and manufactured RoSPA fencing, you can rest assured that your children can enjoy high-quality play in a safe environment.